Monday, August 7, 2017


my tablet broke down and idk if im gonna replace it or not, so atm im not doing digital art so go ahead and check out my instagram: @yurios.angelss  i post my traditional art if u wanna see that.. anyways, thats all, have a nice day! <3

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

i guess its time for a change

i decided that my profiel pic was outdated so i guess its time i uh "shake it up a little" (omg y did i do that)

im pretty proud of this, and i think im finally starting to establish my style :')

this is my fursona, Rosetta

Sunday, July 16, 2017

hooboy guess whos backk

uhh not rlly tho lol

i was gone at a cool seaworld camp last week and it was super funn
i highly recommend their resident camp, it was the funnest thing everr

anyways, we went to their "illuminight" thing and it was super cool so i decided to draw it ;>

i tried doing the blacklight thing but i dont think it worked lol

anways, enjoy a thing inspired by SeaWorld!

so i drew something random :/

idk what it is, i just wanted to draw something considering i was gone for a week :v

at first i was gonna make it a thing where it was like blacklight?? and then i just?? didnt??? oh well i still kinda like it lol

i was just practicing with different skin tones i guess and then some blue
and i think i may have settled on a shading style, not sure tho, same with the effects and stuff i kinda like it

anways, enjoy this weird thing

Friday, July 7, 2017

well, look who it is

whOOPS i drew him againn

in case you havent noticed, hes my fave out of the whole trio ;w; hes my edgy, angsty teen who likes calling others bakas lol (mostly just yuuri)

but this is a redraw of a scene from a new thing of him, his "welcome to the madness" short.. and uhh... uHHH. is a 16 yr old supposed to show that much chest??? oh well, there was a small otabek x yurio snippet in it so its all good

this turned out terrible, and took me forever ;-; i dont like the lighting, and i was trying something new with the shading that i quite like, and im kinda proud of the background so theres that
(ps i redid the sketch like 20 times hELP)

the, obviously better, one from the actual thing is on top
and the gross one is on bottom, mine ;u;

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

aa i havent been active in so long

haha sorry i was gone for so long, i was doing fun fam stuff and didnt have time to pump out art (cough cough i was also watching anime cough cough)

i finished season 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice! i cant wait for season 2 :,O the character i hated the most when i first started watching was Yuri Plisetsky, and once i finished, he became my fave character <33 (bTW VICTURI AA)

this was just a test thing bc i havent drawn digital in a while ;v i was trying different shading styles and lining styles and everything, basically, sorry if some things in the drawing are hard to see, i was trying a soft, dreamy look?? idk, and i tried using an upwards lighting to match his overall mood cuz hes such a grouchy pants

i kinda like this?? some stuff i dont but most stuff i do like *u*
i tried using a blue outline instead of white to contrast his yellow hair so its stands out more ish
btw my tablet broke down so i made this with a broken tablet, thats partially why its so bad, but this is def something i wanna redraw once my tablet starts working correctly again!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Ok, so from here on out, my blog will  be mainly comprised of digital art. I may occasionally do photo editing, but will mainly stick to Digital Art.

~Thank you for understanding, Lauren