Thursday, June 15, 2017


Ok, so from here on out, my blog will  be mainly comprised of digital art. I may occasionally do photo editing, but will mainly stick to Digital Art.

~Thank you for understanding, Lauren

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Puzzle Face

Zombify Yourself

for this project, i used multiple effects and blending modes to get it to the right effect

Self With Former Self

its lin manuel miranda! hes super cool, so i guess, i just, did this? the lin on the right is him from 2007-ish, and the one on the left is him in 2016

Stranger Photos

Celebrity Photobomb

George: Ok, just hear me out
Soyoon: I have work to do...
George: Nono, it'll only take a minute
Soyoon: Dude, where did you even come from
George: Ya know, if you *leans in close* skip this assignment and come with me, i could really use your help
Soyoon: I told you, no
George: I need an Ocean's 14...
Soyoon: A what
George: *leans back out* you heard me
Soyoon: Actually no
George: ... well, ok then
George: *teleports back to Las Vegas*

btw thats an inside joke with my dad and my sister lol and yes thats george clooney
sorry hes a giant, the picture cut off his feet and i wanted to make it look semi realistic?? idk, but i tried fitting his legs into soyoon's chair,, sorry soyoon lol

iStopMotion Short

 ehh this looks awful but ya know what just deal with it, k?

towards the end, i got lazy lol

that doesnt work and i cant even
heres a link instead: 

ok this has nothing to do with projects but apparently my blog is on FeedSpot's Top 50 list of Digital Art Blogs??? im so honored what in the hek

#45 ;O;

Thank you!!

also, i get a cool shiny digital badge ;u;

Macro Setting Photo Shoot


Shape/Color Cartoon Character

Meet Adylin!
*135 pds. (chunky, yet funky)
*Allergies: Peanuts, Wheat, Gluten
*Born in: California
*Currently Lives In: Florida

*Iced Tea

*Being Ignored
*Cold Places

Occupation: Makes Minimum Wage at a local Grocery Store

(btw thosse circles by her neck are her headphones :'v )

Monday, June 5, 2017

Surreal Nature/Human Portrait

uhhh i tried? this one was hard ;w; i just continuously blended the two images until i was satisfied??

Color Focus on Black and White Photo

for this one i copied the image onto a new layer and added another layer on top of that one with the blending mode on saturation and the entire layer filled with the color black
i then merged the two layers and erased the parts i wnted to be colored on the b&w layer