Friday, March 24, 2017

Portrait Montage Using Different Background

I actually have no idea why i put the title twice so from now on im not going to add it twice ok thanks
For this project, I took a gross picture of myself. I then looked up random pink backgrounds and added them in. I added a blur filter to make it look cool. yes.

im so tired help

Monday, March 20, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge #2

1. Food
2. Smile
3. Happiness
4. Leaves
5. Morning Sky
6. Books
7. Something Funny
8. Favorite Color
9. Inspiring Person
10. Nature
11. Something Old
12. Hair
13. Written Words
14. Movement
15. Leading Lines
16. Symmetry and Patterns
17. Framing
18. Depth of Field
19. Rule of Thirds
20. Best Friends
21. Where You Sleep
22. In Your Closet
23. Gratitude
24. Something New
25. Animals
26. Worm's Eye View of Trees
27. Artwork
28. Daily Routine
29. Nighttime
30. Light

(yes im grateful for this narwhal)

i use my sketchbook literally every single day no joke)

MWAAHAHAH im dONE! hahaahhahHAHAhaHAAH *cries*

Monday, March 6, 2017

Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait

Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait
For this project, I took a picture of Isabella from Google and photoshopped it so that it looked beautiful. You're welcome, Isabella.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Create an Animated GIF

For this project, I went home and did this project (i didnt trust myself to animate using a mouse, it was hard enough with the tablet >:V). I used FireAlpacca to animate. I turned Onion Skin Mode on, and just drew this.... it's my edgy oc, Rozzi  hahahhahahahhahahashsdhdasdjahskd. My hands hurt so bad from all the tedious work.... im gonna go lie in a dark pit by myself and question what im doing with my life now

im just gonna stick to regular art.... animation is too complicated :'V
i honestly dont know whats going on in the gif... i wanted to do something more complicated but i got too frustrated with myself ;u; btw sorry about the hair, i dont know whats going on with it.... i think i nailed the eye? idk i rlly like the eye but thats aboout it....

btw the picture down here is my favorite frame lol its so weird looking, i had to stare at that face for a good 30 mins while i lined, colored, shaded and all that fancy stuff lolololololol