Monday, October 23, 2017

my hand hurts

im so proud of my lil yoongi and how far hes come ;o;

agust d/ suga/ min yoongi

such a talented lil bean 

i messed up on the lips but shh 
sorry about the background lol i didnt know what to do

also happy 90th post :') thanks for following my trash blog

Sunday, October 22, 2017


first full drawing with my fixed tablet and im v happy

its a persona ren but ioQERJFADMCXZJ

it turned out ok but at least i tried, i havent done lineless in a while :/

woaoaoaoahoahaoah art hiatus sorry guys :')

my tablet broke down as u heard and i finally got it fixed, ive imrpoved a LOT while ive been gone so just enjoy this quick first doodle

it feels so nice to be back :'v

min yoongi is such a sweet human being he must be protected at all times