Tuesday, January 31, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge

 30 Day Photo Challenge
(sorry for the poor editing of where the photos are, it was so hard to get them in order ;o; )

Day 5: Bird's Eye View 

Day 6: Worm's Eye View
Day 9: Someone You Love ( a picture of my sister and I when we were young)

Day 10: Childhood Memory (My mom burns candles throughout the winter season)
Day 11: Something Blue
Day 17: Technology (Does this even count??) 
Day  19: Something Orange (Close enough? p.s. the nose)

Day 4: Something Green (the light bulbs, light reflection)

Day 20: Bokeh 

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

Day 24: Animal (Does this count??)
 Day 25: Something Pink (Pink is a shade of red..does this count?)
Day 26: Close Up
Day  27: From A Distance
(btw, ty ms. forrest ;o; sorry about this, this wont happen again!)

Repetition Used In A Creative Way

Repetition Used In A Creative Way
For this project, I took a transparent ice cream cone and then put it into Photoshop Elements 10. I then edited the color to make it look like vanilla ice cream (i hate chocolate ice cream ;-; ). I added a background and then started editing it to make a cool pattern, thing.

Look Who's In Our School

 Look Who's In Our School
For this project, I took a picture from the school website and I added two ponies owo Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. I then added shadows (that was hard, i thank Kai for the help ;o; ) and then I added some sunlight and shading to the picture. I turned down the opacity a lot, so it still looked like a real picture.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Disproportions (Butt-hurt Artists)

 Disproportions (Butt-Hurt Artists) 

Anywayyssss, I tried to make this as proportional as possible *wink wink*. I photoshopped the bunny and cheetah to make 'em luk gud ouo

World Traveler (Seven Wonders Of The World)

 World Traveler (Seven Wonders Of The World)
For this project, I took a picture of myself (ew, i know) and (lol i had a hard time with the expression, so i pretended my mom was taking pictures, and what she would make me do ;u;) and then I put it into Photoshop. I then added myself into the picture. I added some smol lighting and shading ouo


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Create A Hybrid Creature (I'm Sorry In Advance)

Create A Hybrid Creature

This is what nightmare fuel looks like, kiddos ;u;

I took a running horse image, and added:
elephant legs ( they took the longest to photoshop ;o;),
bird wings,
bird tail,
shark mouth,
and lizard eyes ( those are the scariest ;-;)

im gonna go sit in a hole with all of my sins now ;u;

Monday, January 23, 2017

Decorate An Empty Room

 Decorate An Empty Room
For this project, I took an empty room and I colored it to look pink owo. I then found different things that you can find in a bedroom; bed, closet, desk e.t.c. I then added some shading and lighting to attempt to make it look it real. ;o;


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Colorize A Black/White Image Ansel Adams Image

 Colorize A Black/White Image Ansel Adams Image
For this project, I took an Ansel Adams image and put it into Photoshop Elements 10. I then used the blending mode Overlay and yellowish and orangish colors to help turn the drawing into color... owo

Colorize A Black/White Image

Colorize A Black/White Image
For this project, I found a landscape image and then I turned it into greyscale. I then recolored it back into the original colors, but it looks duller because you can't really make it as vibrant, so I just used the blending mode Overlay and used white to try and make it brighter :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

art dump (help me)

Surrealist Digital Portrait (Fruit/Vegetables)

Surrealist Digital Portrait (Fruit/Vegetables) 
For this project, I looked up different fruits and vegetables (I added the word "transparent" after the name of the fruit or vegetable so it would bring up a transparent version") then I added it into the blank file to create da face *u*

Friday, January 13, 2017

Surrealist Digital Landscape

 Surrealist Digital Landscape
does this even count

*Ahem* I took the picture on the bottom and used different pictures and different effects to make it look like.... um.... this......................

and yes, the poorly edited explosion and unicorn ARE ON PURPOSE ;-;

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Warhol-esque Digital Painting

Warhol-esque Digital Painting
For this project, I took a picture of a lil kitten (from google) and put it into Photoshop Elements 10. I then added the filter "Stamp" over it, and then recolored it ouo

Oh, ye, and then I put them into a file that had the dimensions of the original photo, but doubled! ooo

Digital Post-Impressionist Portrait

Digital Post-Impressionist Portrait 
It's got a transparent background! (or at least i think it does ;u;) I did the same thang for this one, like I did for the Landscape, but with a kitty cat ouo I didn't wanna do moi face, or a human face, because I don't know who I'd do.... so.. ye... I tried to get as many details as I could, but it was hard to, but it was really easy to blend using the same pen, I could just change the opacity, so I could get a lot of shading effects.
(btw, click on the top photo to see the transparent-ness)



Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Digital Post-Impressionist Landscape

Digital Post-Impressionist Landscape
For this project, I turned the brush to a dotty thing.... it looked like bubbles!  \(owo)/  But, I tried my hardest to make it look real? >^<

Monday, January 9, 2017

Create A New Logo For Favorite Brand

Create A New Logo For Favorite Brand
I created a logo for Wacom Intuos, a brand for drawing tablets. I used the Intuos line specific because it fit with my idea for it. I used the eraser to make the line look like it had pen pressure 0u0 I added some blue to make it look prettier ^u^

Digital Painting Of Choice: Sketchbook Pro

Digital Painting Of Choice: Sketchbook Pro
For this project, I used Sketchbook Pro to make a unique masterpiece. This looks terrible ;-; because I had to use a mouse ;;;------;;;;;

Friday, January 6, 2017

Georgia O'Keeffe-Inspired Digital Painting

 Georgia O'Keefe-Inspired Digital Painting

For this, I actually didn't use Photoshop, I actually used FireAlpacca and Paint Tools SAI! I found this on Google, and tried to replicate it! >:3c *sassy cat face*