Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Where's Lauren?

Where's Lauren?
Tee hee! I bet you can't find me! There are a bunch of trick Waldo's..... hehehe. This took so long, oh well, I cri, But it's still coolio, I guess. There's a bunch of kawaii food.... yeahhhhh.... mhmmm...

btw, when I wanted to get the potato pic, I went to the website for it, and SDUSD blocked it because it was categorized as "Adult"..... I still don't understand quq

Thursday, November 10, 2016

how 2 even art


have 2 fursonas..... they're bae........ yeah bai

the blue one is Mariine

teh pink one is Rozzi..... just.... yeah... there you go.....mhmm.... okie dokie..... ok ye bai

9 Panel Comic Strip Project

9 Panel Comic Strip Project
*wheeze wheeze* And this is why I don't specialize in comics, kids. Every. Single. Shot. Drawn. By. Hand. NEVER AGAIN.  Anyways...... I created the rough draft of my comic in my Handy - Dandy SketchBook (sponsored by Strathmore) I then scanned it in, with help from Ms. Forrest! I lined and colored it, and then came the fun part. Shading it. I shaded it like usual, but I tried something different this time. I used the Impressionist Tool and the shading turned out ON POINT. LITERALLY. The shading was goals. Note for next time: USE THE IMPRESSIONIST TOOL FOR SHADING! I then did the same for the background and added the text. Sorry it's hard to see it, I'll give you a Text Only version of it at the bottom of this. Wink, wink!

1:  Margo:  *Throws Away*
2:  Margo: Hi!  Zallolu: HI! OOOH! CAN I HAZ COOKIE!?
3:  Margo: Oh, I'm sorry, but I was throwing these away, they're all moldy..
4:  Zallolu: *grabs cookie*  THANKS!
5:  Margo: But.... they're all MOLDY...
6:  Zallolu: Wow! I didn't know they sold GREEN chocolate chips!!  Margo: But...
7:  |LATER THAT EVENING|:  Zallolu: *pukes*
8:  Zallolu: Why didn't you warn me that it was MOLD?!  Margo: I DID!!