Saturday, February 4, 2017

Smol Art Dump #2

 moi smol bean, Laurel, this was symmetry practice
 redraw from a year ago, the original is hanging up on my wall, its supposed to be a motivational poster, but i feel the position of the sun and how it looks like nighttime might suggest otherwise (meaning, the quote)
 me as angelica schuyler, my art's gotten better i swear
this was mainly fabric practice, sorry about the hair, ive improved my knowledge about hair works >:V
 self portrait thing based off Galactibun's style
 hype for moana
(lin manuel miranda made music for the movie *insert lenny face here*)
color palette challenge

palette can be found here
 crayon practice in SAI of eliza, the sweetest cinnamon roll
 official ref of Ceasar >:3
 fanart for kittydog on YouTube

its her bday on the fifth of feb
im thinkin miku miku! you can call me mikuu! blue hair blue tie hidin' in your wifi!

miku's adorable, but i wanna make art for len, now that i think about it

omg im listening to "the tragedy of chateau cepage" and gakupo is goin full on weirdo, and his voice is so deep wth (h = heck (ALWAYS))

smol fanart for Yandere Simulator

the hair and outfit thing i gave here, you can change that in the game owo

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