Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Create an Animated GIF

For this project, I went home and did this project (i didnt trust myself to animate using a mouse, it was hard enough with the tablet >:V). I used FireAlpacca to animate. I turned Onion Skin Mode on, and just drew this.... it's my edgy oc, Rozzi  hahahhahahahhahahashsdhdasdjahskd. My hands hurt so bad from all the tedious work.... im gonna go lie in a dark pit by myself and question what im doing with my life now

im just gonna stick to regular art.... animation is too complicated :'V
i honestly dont know whats going on in the gif... i wanted to do something more complicated but i got too frustrated with myself ;u; btw sorry about the hair, i dont know whats going on with it.... i think i nailed the eye? idk i rlly like the eye but thats aboout it....

btw the picture down here is my favorite frame lol its so weird looking, i had to stare at that face for a good 30 mins while i lined, colored, shaded and all that fancy stuff lolololololol

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