Friday, July 7, 2017

well, look who it is

whOOPS i drew him againn

in case you havent noticed, hes my fave out of the whole trio ;w; hes my edgy, angsty teen who likes calling others bakas lol (mostly just yuuri)

but this is a redraw of a scene from a new thing of him, his "welcome to the madness" short.. and uhh... uHHH. is a 16 yr old supposed to show that much chest??? oh well, there was a small otabek x yurio snippet in it so its all good

this turned out terrible, and took me forever ;-; i dont like the lighting, and i was trying something new with the shading that i quite like, and im kinda proud of the background so theres that
(ps i redid the sketch like 20 times hELP)

the, obviously better, one from the actual thing is on top
and the gross one is on bottom, mine ;u;

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